Mmagaliso Nzuza
Lives & Works in Cape Town, South Africa
Led by his own embodied experience, Mmangaliso Nzuza explores themes of anxiety, isolation, and dissociation. Through the power of intentional colour and vivid form, Nzuza harnesses his practice as means to navigate the self and others. Working primarily with large-scale oil works, Nzuza has developed a distinctive visual language in rendering his subjects. The act of depicting a figure becomes a study in uncovering an imagined character; visceral texture, swathes of paint and loosely-rendered lines create lucid form and feeling. Nzuza’s figures, in their dulcet tones and abstractions, hum with a significant kinetic energy. Growing up in a conservative environment, Nzuza used artmaking as an outlet to negotiate a rich and complex interior life. Initially experimenting with pencil and charcoal, the artist eventually gravitated toward the depth and textural nuance afforded by oil painting. Mmangaliso Nzuza will be presented by THK Gallery. 

Mmangaliso Nzuza, In Contemplation, 2023, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 120 cm. Courtesy of THK Gallery.

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