Mercy Thokozane Minah
Lives & Works in Johannesburg, South Africa
Mercy Thokozane Minah is a gender-expansive, queer, multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in South Africa. Their work exists across varying mediums; literary, audio-visual, theatre-based and visual. Mercy has had minimal formal training for their creative explorations, however being an artist has been an organic part of their life since early childhood. They learned the rigour of rehearsal and performing by participating in plays, poetry, and song performances at church from as young as age three. They continued this practice in school, where they also began exploring their storytelling and visual art. Through discipline, repetition and play, Mercy spent their childhood and teen-hood crafting a number of artistic skill sets, singing and song-writing, writing, and performing stories as skits, plays, games, painting, drawing, and illustrating, that they would become estranged from in early adulthood, but return to as they found their way back to the essence of who they truly are. Mercy Thokozane Minah will be presented by BKhz Gallery.

Mercy Thokozane Minah, Aftercare devotion, 2022, Digital print on archival paper, 103.5 x 80.5 cm, Edition of 3. Courtesy of BKhz.

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