Mbugua, Evans
Born 1979 in Nairobi Kenya
Lives and works in Paris, France
Evans Mbugua holds a degree in graphic design from the Beaux-arts de Pau. For the past six years, Evans Mbugua has dedicated himself fully to his artistic practice. The artist considers himself a ‘graphic recycler,’ breathing new, bright and colourful life to the urban pictograms he collects during his travels as well as his daily life. His paintings are built around the representation of these motifs, which he repeats to form the foundation of his compositions. He then layers delicate sketches of the people he encounters, using pointillism technique, always staging them within the composition.  His works are held in public and private collections in Europe, Africa and North America. His work has been included in several international group exhibitions and his latest solo shows include Freedom is Mine!, Out of Africa Gallery, Barcelona (2020); Tu m'es indispensable, Regard Sud, Lyon (2020) and A SPECTACULAR NOW, Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi (2019).
Evans Mbugua, Je Ne Veux Pas Être Courageuse. Je Veux Être Libre!, 2020, Hand painting on Plexiglass and original digital print on paper, 100 x 100 cm. Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery.

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