M’barek Bouhchichi
Lives & Works in Tahanaout, Morocco
M’barek Bouhchichi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts and has been teaching art in different Moroccan cities since the mid-1990s. Bouhchichi’s work explores representations and perceptions of the Black body in Moroccan society. In his art, the body is presented as plural and fragmented. He uses moulding, sculpting, drawing, painting, installation, and video to create kaleidoscopic images that represent the splintering of perception. There is an autobiographical component to Bouhchichi’s work which is intimately linked to his lived experiences of being Black and Moroccan, and those of his relatives. He formulates modes of expression that stem from his experiences but also lend themselves towards the exploration of broader social and political issues in Morocco. Among the questions that have guided M’barek Bouhchichi’s recent plastic research is: how has the representation of the Black body in the visual and plastic arts, literature, poetry and music been conditioned by approaches defined by race and sexuality, as well as the question of the gaze? M’barek Bouhchichi will be presented by L'Atelier 21 Art Gallery.
M'barek Bouhchichi, Silhouette #5, Mixed media on rubber, 105 x 85 cm.Courtesy of the artist & L'Atelier 21 Art Gallery.

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