Mavis Tauzeni
Born in 1982 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Lives and works in Harare.

The work of Mavis Tauzeni evidences a subtle yet determined talent. Her prints, paintings, mixed media and installations encourage the viewer to enter a meditative state enabling them to reflect on the inner self in the same way as Tauzeni herself reflects on her inner world. Speaking unapologetically from a woman’s perspective, she continuously reflects on the mutable relationship between a woman, her potential and her actual daily life. In the words of Tauzeni, ‘I feel that women in particular relate the physical with the spiritual and the emotional in a uniquely powerful way, being the givers of life and the nurtures of others. This physical strength is integral to spiritual importance’.

With quiet confidence and gentle poetry, Tauzeni asserts the entitlements belonging to a new generation of women in Zimbabwe: the right to claim a place in society on their own terms.

Mavis Tauzeni, 'Butterflies are Free', 2013