Mário Macilau
Lives & Works in Maputo, Mozambique, Lisbon, Portugal and Cape Town, South Africa
Mário Macilau is a multidisciplinary artist and activist who is best known for his photographic work. Macilau is considered a key figure among a new generation of Mozambican artists. He has traveled extensively for his work and he has lived and worked in British Columbia, Barcelona, Madrid, Miami, New York, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos, Nairobi, La Paz, Nairobi, and Bahia for many years. Over the years Macilau has developed an art style that evokes emotion through his unique choice of subjects and his ability to connect with them.    Mário Macilau will be presented by MOVART.

Mário Macilau, Circle of Memories XVI (from the Circle of Memories series), 2021, Photography printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, Variable dimensions, Edition of 6. Courtesy of MOVART.

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