Marasela, Senzeni
Born 1977 in Thokoza, South Africa
Lives and works in Soweto, South Africa
Senzeni Marasela is a cross-disciplinary artist working with embroidery, watercolors, and photography to portray the lives of Black South African women, including Saartjie Baartman, who was exhibited in European ‘freak shows’ under the name ‘Hottentot Venus’ during the 18th and 19th centuries. Marasela often represents herself and her mother, Theodorah Mpofukazi, in series such as Sarah, Senzeni and Theodorah come to Joburg (2011). For the past six years, she has created art presenting her alter ego, Theodorah Mthetyane, whose husband Gebane leaves her in their rural town to look for work in Johannesburg. After years of waiting, she leaves herself to look for him. This multidisciplinary project culminated in the exhibition Waiting for Gebane at the Zeitz Museum, Cape Town. 
Senzeni Marasela, Waiting for Gebane, 2015-16, Watercolour on archival paper, 59,5 x 42 cm. Courtesy of Galerie Eric Dupont.

Artists 2016