Luzamba, Zemba
Born in 1973 in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

With a background in fine arts from the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce in Zambia, Zemba Luzamba is currently based in Cape Town, where he documents the lives of immigrant communities. His paintings explore the growth of the so-called aspirational class, his work reflecting a surprisingly positive post-colonial Africa as his subjects are documented taking part in pleasurable activities. Luzamba considers art to hold no boundaries, believing it to transcend reality, even in the throes of war. In his own words: ‘My mind is freed by expressing these tragedies.

In a colourful manner as I am also directly or indirectly involved. Most of these expressions are real, some of them are not, but for those who do not understand my expressions: admire the colours, forms and contents of the work’. Luzamba has exhibited internationally and is featured in several public collections.

Zemba Luzamba, Men of Influence, 2021, Oil on canvas, 150 x 180 cm. Courtesy of EBONY/CURATED.|Zemba Luzamba, 'Cohiba', 2012.