LR Vandy
Born 1958 in Coventry, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom
For LR Vandy's well-known hull series, she uses widely sourced objects to transform the hulls of model boats into animated ‘masks.’ Items, such as fishing floats, porcupine quills, and acupuncture needles ‘speak directly’ to her, as she overcomes material differences to explore feelings of attraction, repulsion, danger and protection. Vandy’s evocative ‘masks’ conjure nuanced resonances from these many objects’ histories, joining dissimilar pasts together to present imaginatively possible futures.  Vandy made her sell-out debut in London at 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in 2018, which was followed by her first solo show at October Gallery and inclusion in Frieze Sculpture, Regents Park in 2019. Her work is in many private collections and has been acquired by the British Museum. Recently Vandy has been working with the Rope Factory within The Historic Dockyard Chatham to create a new series of works. 
LR Vandy, Spanish Gold, 2021, Wood and metal, 50 x 28 x 12 cm, © LR.Vandy. Courtesy of the artist and October Gallery.

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