LR Vandy
Lives & Works in London, UK
LR Vandy has recently been working with rope to create a new series of sculptures which are inspired by the material’s symbolic and historic importance, from the building of Empire and Colonialism, to the transatlantic slave trade. Vandy further uses the flexibility and strength of rope to address the under-representation of the sculpted abstract female form, while also referencing dance in hunting rituals, carnival masquerades, and spirit dancers of the African diaspora. For her ‘hull’ series, Vandy transforms model boats into animated ‘masks’ using unrelated items such as fishing floats, porcupine quills and acupuncture needles to explore feelings of attraction, repulsion, danger, and protection. Vandy made her sell-out debut in London at 1-54 Art Fair, 2018, followed by her first solo show at October Gallery, and her inclusion in Frieze Sculpture in 2019. Vandy has recently completed large-scale sculpture for the transformation of Liverpool dockland and quayside in connection with the International Slavery Museum and National Museums Liverpool. LR Vandy will be presented by October Gallery.
LR Vandy, Dancing Together in Time, The Ties That Bind Us, Rope Figure 02, 2022, Manila, wax, wood, hemp and brass, 60 x 15 x 14 cm. Courtesy of the Artist and October Gallery.

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