Leuba, Namsa
Born in 1982 in Saint-Aubin, Switzerland
Lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland and French Polynesia
Namsa Leuba is a graduate of École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ÉCAL), where she studied photography and undertook a Masters. Since graduating in 2010, Leuba has developed an approach that mixes elements of documentary photography with the rich staging of fashion shoots. The result is something she calls ‘docu-fiction.’ She aims to reflect, through fiction, realities made invisible when viewed through a Western colonial lens. Through use of elaborate staging, Leuba avoids the rawness typical of documentary photography, instead her positive, glamorous approach allows eclectic stories to shine, including histories of homelessness and conflict, along with journeys of acceptance from families and culture. Her work has been shown globally including in recent touring exhibitions The New Black Vanguard and Africa State of Mind.
Namsa Leuba, ARCH, 2021, Tapestry woven, 100 x 200 cm. Edition of 1 + 1AP. Courtesy of Boogie Wall.

Artists 2015