Lakwena Maciver
Born 1986 in London, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom
Lakwena Maciver creates painted prayers and meditations which respond to and reappropriate elements of popular culture. She explores the role of the artist as mythmaker with her use of acid-bright colour and bold typographic text. Her paintings act as a means of decolonisation, subtly subverting prevailing mythologies. Her approach is instinctive and autodidactic, producing visceral, rhythmic, and immersive panel paintings, murals, and installations. Challenging both the external and the internalised voice of mass media, Lakwena has created works in the public realm internationally, from installations at Tate Britain, Somerset House, Facebook, and the Southbank Centre in London, to a juvenile detention centre in Arkansas, a monastery in Vienna, and the Bowery Wall in New York City.
Lakwena Maciver, Magic, 2021, Acrylic and polyurethane on plywood, 206 x 110 cm. Courtesy of Vigo Gallery.

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