Lady Skollie
Born in 1987 in Cape Town, South Africa. Lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa
Laura Windvogel uses ink, watercolour and crayon to create playfully sexual paintings, filled with bright colours, symbolic fruit, and all the joy and darkness of the erotic. Her work is simultaneously bold and vulnerable, expressing the duality of human sexuality. An intensely feminist artist, Windvogel is passionate about defying taboos and talking openly about issues of sex, pleasure, consent, human connection and abuse. A part of the new, digitally engaged generation of young artists, she expresses herself openly on social media, as well as recording a regular podcast where she discusses sexuality and relationships. Windvogel’s work has been exhibited widely across South Africa, with a number of special projects at the Michael Stevenson Gallery and the Association for Visual Arts. She was featured on CNN Africa and CNN International on ‘African Voices.’
Laura Windvogel (aka Lady Skollie), 'Objectify thyself before others do', 2016, Ink and crayon on Fabriano, 70x100cm, Courtesy of Tyburn Gallery

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