Labinjo, Joy
Born in 1994 in Dagenham, United Kingdom
Lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Joy Labinjo's large-scale paintings depict intimate scenes of family life: a group of people casually lying down on a sofa and chatting after a gathering, a child and her grandmother posing together in front of the camera, or stolen moments before the official wedding portrait. Taking inspiration from family photographs, Labinjo transcribes her personal imagery into a vibrant composition of colour and patterns. Growing up in the UK with British-Nigerian heritage, Labinjo questions notions of belonging and identity. She invites rethinking of these constructs as more fluid, taking into consideration personal and collective subjectivities. Labinjo was the 2017 recipient of the Woon Art Prize. Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include: Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne (2018); Cafe Gallery Projects, London (2018); Bonington Gallery, Nottingham (2018); Goldtapped, Newcastle upon Tyne (2018); Morley Gallery, London (2018); Baltic 39, Newcastle upon Tyne (2017); Hoxton Arches, Newcastle upon Tyne (2017) and The Holy Biscuit, Newcastle upon Tyne (2017); FishBowl space, Newcastle upon Tyne (2015).
Joy Labinjo, Jesus Christ is Lord, 2017, Oil, acrylic and household paint on canvas, 140 x 160 cm, Courtesy Tiwani Contemporary

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