Kpe Innocent
Lives & Works in Accra, Ghana
Kpe Innocent is a self-taught visual artist who strives to create works that resonate with people everywhere by exploring the universally understood themes of love, grace, and hope. He incorporates pop-culture references, for example the globally recognised Nike sportswear logo, into his work to represent the increasingly globalised and interconnected nature of the world regardless of geographic or sociological differences. Kpe’s paints primarily in acrylic paint on canvas, and he infuses his interest in minimalist design and aesthetics, with focus on negative spaces and forms, into his traditional painting practice. The paintings are adorned in muted and earthy colours, and the abstract figures are rendered in black and white, leaning towards a shade of grey. These figures are mostly in isolation to depict our natural state of individuality. Kpe Innocent will be presented by Nil Gallery. 
Innocent Kpe, The Warm Cup, 2023, Courtesy of Nil Gallery.

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