Khadija Jayi
Lives & Works in Casablanca, Morocco
Khadija Jayi grew up in a conservative environment which motivated her to resist expected gender roles during her adulthood. She chose to use art to challenge these expectations of women in Morocco.  Jayi's work articulates a logic of annihilation, with the aim of deconstructing, then reconfiguring the female role. Jayi’s work explores the theme of violence through burning paper and inflicting all kinds of abuse on it as a form of social commentary. The result is a work of undeniable aesthetic quality, with a great attractive kinetic aspect. Khadija Jayi will be presented by Galleria Anna Marra. 
Khadija Jayi, The relics of the earth 043, 2023, Burned paper, plastic and acrylic, 106 x 86.5 x 10 cm, Courtesy of Galleria Anna Marra

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