Jesse Akele
Lives & Works in London, United Kingdom
Jesse Akele (b. 1995, London, UK) was born in Brixton and raised in Bradford. Akele’s work is concerned with investigating the inner life of her subjects and how this is moulded by experience. With subjects very much rooted in her world, Akele’s approach to painting them is a response to the qualities she has observed them radiate. She enjoys magnifying what can be perceived to be fleeting, sometimes small, moments and making them epic. Akele’s work also has a strong element of inward exploration, the paintings are nuanced with explorations of her place within the diaspora as women of mixed-race British/Jamaican heritage, as well scenes that are representative of elements of her personality and history.   She trained at LAMDA and East15. She completed the MA Painting programme at the Royal College of Art in 2023.
Jesse Akele, Akin With The Flame, 2023, Oil on Canvas, 96 x 96cm. Courtesy of DADA Gallery

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