Jacques Zigoma
Lives & Works in Brazzaville, Congo
Jacques Zigoma was one of the first artists to join Pierre Lods' Atelier. After settling in Brazzaville in 1945, where he worked in a variety of trades including fishing, Zigoma met Pierre Lods in 1952 when returning from a fishing trip on the Congo River. He joined the Centre d'Art de Poto-Poto, where Lods introduced him to drawing and to the use of colour. From his very first paintings, Zigoma established himself as a first-rate draughtsman and colourist. His work flourished in the two schools on either side of the Congo-Zaire river: Poto-Poto in Brazzaville, and Pool Malebo in Kinshasa. Zigoma most often depicts market scenes and masks, as well as complex and rhythmic compositions populated by small characters that evoke cartoon heroes, hence the name Mickey style, which also translates as small in Ilanga. Jacques Zigoma will be presented by Loeve&Co.

Jacques Zigoma, Untitled, 1959, Gouache on paper, 32 x 37.5 cm. Courtesy Loeve&Co.

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