Isabelle D.
Born 1966 in France
Lives and works in France 
Isabelle D.’s upbringing was constellated by female figures that now inspire her current practice.  Memories play a crucial role in her work. In her quest to let go of moments permeated by manual processes historically associated with female work, she explores contemporary feminism and the translation of trauma. She creates abstract landscapes as a means to decolonise her past and reclaim the present, as well as celebrate her memory, self, and heritage. Her ‘sculptural paintings’ unconsciously draws the viewer’s attention to the actual process of creation rather than solely on the resultant object. When confronted with the labour intensive work, the viewer first encounters the materiality of the process and the manual time-consuming craftsmanship that led to the creation. Isabelle D.’s body of work consists of crocheting, embroidering, weaving, knitting, and dismantling previous existing yarns and objects to create new individual strings to be reused in constantly changing contexts.
Isabelle D., From the Monochromatic Series W03-W12, 2021, Handmade crocheted and woven natural fibres on canvas, 50 x 70 cm (9 panels). Courtesy of Gallery Nosco.

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