Isabelle. D
Lives & Works in France
Isabelle. D's textile artwork intricately weaves together elements of her childhood memories,  Algerian heritage, and her connection to her maternal grandfather whose exploitation as a cultivator informed her understanding of suffering. Isabelle. D’s upbringing was constellated by female figures that now inspire her artistic practice and underpin her feminist outlook. She creates abstract landscapes as a way of decolonising her past and reclaiming the present, as well as celebrating her memory, self, and heritage.  Isabelle. D's ‘sculptural paintings’ seek to draw audiences’ attention to the process of creation rather than solely on the resultant object. Using a multimedia approach, her art is created through crocheting, embroidering, weaving, knitting, and dismantling previous existing yarns.  Audiences are struck by the labour intensiveness and time-consuming nature of her work. Isabelle. D is part of prestigious private collections and has exhibited in the US and Europe at galleries' exhibitions and institutions. Isabelle. D will be presented by Gallery Nosco.

Isabelle. D, Untitled, From th eBruise series, 2023, Crocheted and hand woven fibers on canvas, 120 x 90 x 10 cm. Courtesy of Gallery Nosco.

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