Houda Terjuman
Lives & Works in Morocco
Houda Terjuman is a Syrian/Swiss/Moroccan visual artist who lives and works in Marrakech. Her artistic practice encompasses floating paintings and sculptures reminiscent of surrealism, taking us on a journey through the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Reflecting her own multicultural experience of the world, Houda Terjuman's work explores identity, uprootedness, and the search for stability.  A longing for home symbolised by the recurring tree motif often juxtaposed with domestic furniture or floating uprooted trees in Terjuman’s sculptures, is part of a stressful and painful process that reflects the connectivity and heterogeneity of our de-territorialized world. Houda Terjuman will be presented by Loft Art Gallery. 
Houda Terjuman, Drifting Destinies, 2021, Oil on canvas, 65 x 45 cm. Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery.

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