Hassan Hajjaj
Born 1961 in Larache, Morocco
Lives and works between Marrakech, Morocco and London, United Kingdom
Hassan Hajjaj revolves between several artistic worlds: photography, fashion, music, cinema, and design. His work is a form of celebration of the popular visual culture of the souk, a social space symbolic of interaction and exchange. The artist borrows from Moroccan culture, using pictorial stereotypes such as odalisques or brand images with their cult logos. The care Hajjaj takes in framing his photographs is reminiscent of the degree of finish in the repetition of motifs in Islamic decorative art.  His work has been included in renowned collections such as the Brooklyn Museum, New York (USA), the Institut des Cultures d'Islam in Paris (France), the Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), and the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (Tunisia), among others.
Hassan Hajjaj, Rider In Pink, 2000, Metallic lambda dibond, 140.6 x 98 x 8.5 cm, Edition of 7+ 3AP. Courtesy of L’Atelier 21.

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