Hasnae El Ouarga
Lives & Works in Marrakesh, Morocco
A graduate of the Marrakech School of Visual Arts, Hasnae El Ouarga’s artistic research stems from her fascination with the complexity of the photographic image. As a representation of reality that is simultaneously faithful and artificial, the picture intrigues El Ouarga; she immerses herself in experimental photography in order to investigate the multiple surfaces of the constructed image. It is through the practice of cyanotype photography that El Ouarga has found her unique means of creation. By questioning mental images represented by the photographs, she engages in a process of deconstruction that gives prominence to the unconscious and the resurgence of unexpected memories.  Hasnae El Ouarga’s work has been presented at the Hannah Traore Gallery in New York and the Jajjah Gallery in Marrakesh, and has entered the Rockefeller and Dior collections, as well as the collection of the Montresso* Art Foundation and the National Museum of Photography in Rabat.
Hasnae El Ouarga will be presented by Montresso* Art Foundation. 
Hasnae El Ouarga, Brief eclipse of time #15, 2022, Cyanotype, 130 x 99 cm. Courtesy of Montresso Art Foundation.

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