Gustavo Nazareno
Lives & Works in São Paolo, Brazil
Self-taught, Gustavo Nazareno has been developing pictorial and imagery research that covers African ancestral rites and the mythology of the orixás. In his production, full of nuances that extrapolate the themes beyond the religious question, the Yoruba pantheon is revered as an epistemological force of ancestral knowledge and mysteries. The figures or landscapes that he depicts in his recent production are contemplative and full of personal stories that are explored through the fables that he creates to contextualise his works. In 2021, Nazareno was a finalist for the EFG Latin America Art Award, an acquisition award organised by ArtNexus and EFG Bank, and more recently in 2023, he was nominated for the Pipa Prize, a reference in the field of Brazilian contemporary art. Gustavo Nazareno will be presented by PORTAS VILASECA.

Gustavo Nazareno, Fábula de fogo, 2023, Oil on linen. Courtesy of Portas Vilaseca.

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