Gor Soudan
Born 1983 in Kisumu, Kenya
Lives and works between Kisumu and Nairobi, Kenya
Gor Soudan is a conceptual artist whose artistic practice is an organic process through which everyday material is transformed into powerful work. He has worked with a range of materials, such as carton, plastic, shopping bags and ‘protest wire’ – a tangled mass of wire he salvaged from car tyres burnt during civil unrest in Nairobi brought about by political tension. Often subtly engaged with contemporary political and social issues, and embedded in urban culture, his practice provides acute, often-satirical observations and comments on the rapid socio-political transformations that Africa, in particular Kenya, is undergoing. His latest project, Bubbles & Shells, applies linear installation using protest wire, natural materials, and drawings to explore an ontological history of enclosed spaces, utopian and practical pods, and domes — real and fantastical atmospheres or ecosystems observed during his travels to Japan and West Africa.
Gor Soudan, UntitledVIII,2019, Ink on washi, 97x 99cm. Courtesy of Circle Art Gallery.

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