Gary March
Born 1977 in Birmingham, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom
Gary March is a contemporary artist, sculptor, and designer who is greatly influenced by his surroundings, environment, and Afro-Caribbean and British upbringing. All of his works are created through found materials that he personally sources and locates; utilising materials that are not necessarily considered to be used for ‘art’. March allows himself to be led by the materials, understanding their limitations, but also being completely open to where the journey of creation might take him. Through the ‘ugly’ and ‘broke,’ as well as objects intended to be discarded, March creates a visual expression that explores the soul and very DNA of human identity and culture. He questions the ongoing debate between sustainability, environment, and waste. He has exhibited at Never Fade Factory in London and the Brixton Art Club in collaboration with Tadeus Blower.
Gary March, Torso, Upcycled building material and recycled pigments, 33x54cm. Courtesy of SMO Contemporary Art.

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