Franco Ndiba
Born 1983 in Douala, Cameroon
Lives and works in Douala, Cameroon
Franco Ndiba writes, ‘My art speaks of myself, my gaze towards everything around me. I am an observer of the environment that I rub shoulders with on a daily basis. Passing through this or that place, I record the deeds and gestures of the people that inhabit them and the conditions of life that they face. When representing my subjects, I like the images to remain anonymous so that the viewer can feel concern with what I see. I use an impressionist technique, with more or less fanciful touches in the shapes and background. The pastel colours are associated with ambient light, but are also a reflection of my state of mind.’  Nbida had his first solo show in the UK at Jack Bell Gallery in June-July 2021.
Franco Ndiba, Dans sa chambre, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 179.3 cm. Courtesy of Jack Bell Gallery.

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