Francisco Vidal
Born 1978 in Lisbon, Portugal
Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal
Francisco Vidal is best known for his paintings and drawings which bring together bold colours and patterns on handmade paper or canvas. These materials are often tiled together to create installations. The artist’s work playfully blends various aesthetic influences, such as Cubism, African wax-print textiles, 1980s hip-hop culture, contemporary graffiti, and street art.  Born in Portugal to Angolan and Cape Verdean parents, the artist explores ideas closely tied to the diasporic experience, examining the narratives and identities that arise from a hybrid of cross-cultural upbringing. Colonial histories and their consequences are themes often interrogated in his work — particularly the impact of labour practices, conflict, and violence.
Francisco Vidal, Utopia Machine I, variações sobre distância social, 2021, Acrylic on canvas,170 x 170 cm. Courtesy of THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE.

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