Famakan Magassa
Born 1997 in Kita, Mali
Lives and works in Bamako, Mali
Growing up in Mali, Famakan Magassa has bore witness to the clash of modern cultural developments and the weight of traditions. He seeks a balance between the desire for order and the reality of a society steeped in contradictions. In his paintings, Magassa navigates between social satire and empathetic portrayals of his subjects, contending with themes ranging from cross-cultural pollination and environmentalism, to addiction and loneliness. Magassa exhibited for the first time in 2019 with several institutional shows, including presentations at L’Institute Français du Mali and La Fondation La Maison de l’Artiste in Assinie, Côte d’Ivoire. In 2020, he was included in L’exposition collective Jeunes Talents at the residence of the Ambassador to the European Union. He presented his first solo show in the United States with albertz benda in 2022.
Famakan Magassa, Soif Cosmique, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 162.5 x 152.5 cm. Courtesy of albertz benda, New York and Los Angeles.

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