Everlyn Nicodemus
Lives & Works in Edinburgh, Scotland
Everlyn Nicodemus is an artist, writer, and curator who produces powerful works centred on personal and cultural trauma, as well as works that reflect on the role art can play in healing. Her research and curatorial interests focus on the history of Modern African Art.  Born in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Nicodemus moved across Europe to Sweden, France, and Belgium before finally settling in the U.K. Her experience of racism and cultural trauma prompted the creation of a unique body of work exploring the human experience, encompassing paintings, collaged 'books', and mixed-media assemblages, and poems, all formed from unusual materials including metal nettings, sisal, textiles, and found objects. Nicodemus's investigations into trauma and violence, resulted in what is considered to be one of her most important works: Reference Scroll on Genocide, Massacres and Ethnic Cleansing (2004), a 16-metre-long scroll documenting some of the most atrocious genocides and ethnic cleansings in recorded history. Everlyn Nicodemus will be presented by Richard Saltoun Gallery. 

Everlyn Nicodemus, Birth Mask 5, 2002, Wood mask, dress, galvanised wire, sisal on canvas, 120 x 100 x 15.5 cm. Courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery.

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