Erruas, Safaa
Born in 1976 in Tétouan, Morocco
Lives and works in Tétouan, Morocco
Safaa Erruas’ work explores ideas of the body and borders through the meditative abstraction of visceral objects. In order to navigate notions of visibility and multiplicity through materiality, the artist often contrasts distinct sensibilities, materials, and textures. She is known for her visual language in which the physical and conceptual aesthetics of the colour white, transparency, and silence serve as a foundation to explore existential questions. Senses of fragility and softness (cotton, paper, skin) can be found in tension with moments of resistance and sharpness (needles, wire, glass).  She graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Tétouan, Morocco. Since 1996, Erruas has been exhibited regularly in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Norway, Algeria, India and United States. Her works have been exhibited in international institutions including Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rabat; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid and Fondation H, Antananarivo.
Safaa Erruas, Deux Parties, 2020, Paper on cotton paper, 85 x 67 cm. Courtesy of 50 Golborne.|Safaa Erruas, Micro-events I, 2017, Paper cut-outs, glass slides, metal threads and images of eyes on cotton paper, 43 x 55 cm. Courtesy the artist and L’Atelier 21

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