Eric Adjei Tawiah
Lives & Works in Ghana
Eric Adjei Tawiah is an artist known and revered for his unique approach of using nylon sponge for vibrant figurative representations. His distinctive technique, which he has labelled ‘Sponge Martial’, is a practice inspired by the cleansing of his mother’s corpse in the mortuary. Tawiah channels this idea of cleansing through his work, depicting it through  the bright, vibrant colours which represent the bright moments that follow the darker times in life. Tawiah hopes that by developing his artistic voice, his work will serve as a source of inspiration to humanity through times of affliction. Taiwah has had many solo exhibitions across Africa, Europe and North America. Eric Adjei Tawiah will be presented by Gallery 1957.
Eric Adjei Tawiah, Waiting for Love, 2022, Oil and sponge cloth on canvas, 160 x 140 cm. Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery 1957.

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