Epheas Maposa
Lives & Works in Zimbabwe
Epheas Maposa is a highly acclaimed artist whose work centres around the body and narrative. His captivating artworks depict hybrid figures, blending human and animal characteristics within surreal and baroque settings. Through a dreamlike approach, Maposa weaves intricate details and vibrant colour motifs into his works, delivering narratives that reflect the social and political disarray in Zimbabwe. As a self-taught artist, Maposa initially drew inspiration from street art. He joined Village Unhu in 2013, where he had access to workspace and resources which allowed him to develop his skills under the guidance of Misheck Masamvu, and alongside fellow artists in the collective. His artistic journey led to exhibitions at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and Gallery Delta starting from 2014. He has also showcased his work at prominent art fairs such as FNB Joburg and Investec Cape Town. Maposa has participated in various residency programs in Johannesburg and Harare, earning recognition such as the second prize of the Emerging Painting Pan African Art Prize in 2019. Epheas Maposa will be presented by Gallery Nosco.

Epheas Maposa, Synesthesia, 2022, Paint on canvas, 160 x 124 cm. Courtesy of Gallery Nosco.

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