El Makhloufi, Nabil
Born in 1973 in Fez, Morocco
Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany
Nabil El Makhloufi melds his Moroccan background with his experiences living and working in Europe, providing a glimpse into the life of those in permanent states of cultural in-betweeness. El Makhloufi combines planes of colours with airy brushwork, giving his paintings a strikingly dream-like property. He captures deeply meditative moments of seen and lived realities with the use of the figure as a representation of quiet alienation and nostalgia. El Makhloufi attended the Art School of Rabat, and after he studied at the School of Visual Arts of Leipzig. His works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Frankfurt, Casablanca, London, Dakar and Beirut. He is also the recipient of the 2014 Cité des Arts award, Paris.
Nabil El Makhloufi, The moon, 2021, Oil on canvas, 150 × 130 cm. Courtesy of Nil Gallery.

Artists 2016