Dükü, Ernest
Born in 1958 in Bouaké, Ivory Coast. Lives and works in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Paris, France
Ernest Dükü began as an architect and designer, before moving on to his preferred media of painting and sculpture. In his work, textures, colours and signs are deeply intertwined. Traditional Akan signs are brought into dialogue with Egyptian, Ethiopian, Caribbean, Christian and Islamic symbolism to achieve rhythmic and nuanced results. Recent works such as to be or not to be… (2016) examines the origins of the sacred and the spiritual through symbol, divinatory rituals and faith practices. Dükü’s approach to divine matters is largely through metaphor and oral histories. As a comment on the role of language in building African histories, he explores images and stories inflected by their modes of telling and transmission. The series, Bosson Cosmique, here presented, pays homage to Paul Klee’s masterful ability of giving form to the unseen. His work has been selected for group exhibitions in Paris, Abidjan, London and New York. A major exhibition of his work is scheduled for March 2018 in Abidjan.
Ernest Dükü, KA.KA.KA. Baby @ don’t teach me nonsense, 2016, Ink and acrylic on black paper, 65 x 50 cm. Courtesy (S)ITOR / Sitor Senghor

Artists 2015