Crystal Yayra Anthony
Born in 1997 in Accra, Ghana
Lives and works in Accra, Ghana
Back in 2020, during the pandemic and her final year at university, Crystal Yayra Anthony decided to dedicate her life to something she loved: painting. A self-taught artist, she ended up finding a studio in Amoako Boafo’s space. Working there allowed her to have feedback on her art, such as the use of colours and other advice from more experienced artists. At the same time, she did some research about the reception of African art on the international art scene, including rock art and finger painting. Coming across these different topics motivated her to find out how her ancestors used to do art. She approached finger painting step by step, first starting to work on small canvases. She pays tribute to her ancestry in her own distinct style. Her painting remains very personal as a means to honour African art and its origins.
Crystal Yayra Anthony, Untitled, 2022, Acrylic and oil on paper, 101 x 76 cm. Courtesy of AFIKARIS.

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