Chris Soal
Born 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa
Chris Soal utilises unconventional found objects, such as toothpicks and bottle caps, in conjunction with other industrial materials, to negotiate structural impacts on urban living. He reflects on ecological concerns, while considering the philosophical and psychological notion of the ‘self.’ Soal’s spatial approach to sculpture reveals a sensitivity to texture, light, and form, expressed in an abstract minimalist language. His works refer to the sociopolitical context of their making, highlighting the histories embedded in the found material, and utilising them in a way that challenges societal assumptions of value. Recent projects include Soal’s collaboration with Dior on designing two handbags for the fifth edition of the Lady Dior Art Bag. Soal’s work has been included in many notable private and public collections, both locally and internationally.
Chris Soal, Hide, 2021, Bamboo toothpicks held in polyurethane sealant on board, 180 x 110x 25 cm. Courtesy of WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery.

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