Charlene Komuntale
Born 1991 in Kampala, Uganda
Lives and works in Kampala, Uganda
Charlene Komuntale is a digital painter based in Kampala, Uganda. She holds a BA in Animation from Limkokwing University, Malaysia. At first sight, her work evokes a dreamy, peaceful, and quiet atmosphere. Upon closer inspection, empowering and unapologetic messages come to the fore. The juxtaposition of different elements create an interesting asymmetry between awareness of self and the male-centered gaze of others. Intimacy, tenderness, vulnerability, and female beauty do not suggest fragility. Instead, they relate to strength and unapologetic confidence.  Komuntale’s digital paintings deconstruct patriarchal narratives as shaped by culture, religion, and politics, providing a ground for inquiry, as well as visions of different futures. Her compositional choices create a space at the edge of reality – moments frozen in time and filled with surreal elements, and metaphorical and symbolic references.
Charlene Komuntale, Aqua Dresses from the Not Fragile Series, 2022, Digital painting, Archival print, 80 x 80cm. Courtesy of Afriart Gallery.

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