Cameron Platter
Born 1978 in Johannesburg, South Africa
Lives and works in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
In his latest series of abstract pencil drawings and ceramics, Cameron Platter addresses the cycle of life, beauty, and death in an ode inspired by ikebana — the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. In his series of pencil drawings, Platter replaces his popular iconography of animated objects, animals, and graphic slogans with geometric dynamism. He explores the non-representational and repetitive as a carrier for introspection. This is achieved through intuitive fields of vertical pencil lines — marks made over and over. The ceramics, while being marked by the push-and-pull impression of hands, are all casted from a ‘mother’ or ‘master’ mould. This process — including pouring slip clay, waiting for it to dry, smoothing it out, and finishing it — is a further meditation, as time spent is dictated by the material itself. This would be the ‘silence’ advocated for by ikebana principles.
Cameron Platter, Television Tower, 2021, Glazed ceramic, 71 x 18 x 22 cm. Courtesy of HUSSENOT.

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