Bria Fernandes
Lives & Works in Winnipeg, Canada
Bria Fernandes specialises in figurative painting. She uses silence and omissions in her work to open a space for dialogue. Through her practice, Fernandes addresses the themes of oppression and vulnerability, using silence and exclusion as tools to convey these experiences. In her works, Fernandes personifies her own, and others’ interior monologues, creating melancholic figures. The figures become the embodiment of thoughts, emotions, wishes, desires, and tension that define the essence of the 'self' thus allowing for a lucid contemplation of the 'other'.  Fernandes traverses the interstitial space between unconsciousness and physical reality. Her works amplify the voices of those who have been silenced, shedding light on the experience of being rendered invisible and having one’s needs wilfully ignored, an experience shared by many Black people.  Fernandes began her education at the University of Manitoba's School of Fine Art and later completed her BFA at the Alberta University of the Arts, Calgary, Canada.
Bria Fernandes will be presented by Kanbi Projects.
Bria Fernandes, Locking eyes with no one, 2022, Oil and on canvas, 61 x 61 cm. Courtesy of Kanbi Projects.

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