Boehm, Marion
Born 1964 in Duisburg, Germany
Lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany and Johannesburg, South Africa
Marion Boehm studied Design with a major focus on graphic design at University FH Darmstadt, Germany. After traveling extensively in countries like Italy and France, Marion Boehm settled in South Africa in 2010. Her practice was initially fuelled by her desire to pay tribute to those she met during her travels, with a particular focus on the women living in Kliptown, a suburb of a former township in Soweto, Johannesburg. Upcycling discarded newspapers and sheshwe cloth, materials that speak to township lives, she began crafting large-scale textiles pieces. Boehm also uses stitcheries, goblins, lace, velvet and other materials from the colonial period, instigating a dialogue between colonial-era portraiture and her contemporary sitters. Marion Boehm’s work has been collected internationally and was included in exhibitions and art fairs in South Africa, France, Germany, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.
Marion Boehm, Desert Girls, 2018, Collage on paper, mixed media, 171 x 120 cm. Courtesy ARTCO Gallery

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