Berni Searle
Lives & Works in Cape Town, South Africa
Berni Searle works with photography and the moving image. Often but not exclusively using herself in her work, she performs for the camera, producing art that interrogates issues of self-representation, the relationship between personal and collective identity, and narratives connected to history, memory, and place.  While Searle’s works are often explored in dialogue with the socio-political legacy of Apartheid in South Africa, and in relation to its current day continuities, her use of metaphor and poetic ambiguity transcend the specificity of context, drawing on shared human emotions associated with displacement, vulnerability, and loss. The politics and poetics of place have always been a central concern in her work. Berni Searle will be presented by Richard Saltoun Gallery.

Berni Searle, Traces, 1999, Digital prints on vellum, spices 6 prints, each measuring 280 x 913 cm. Installation size variable. Courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery.

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