Béchir Boussandel
Born 1984 in Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, France
Lives and works between Lille, France, and Bizerte, Tunisia
Béchir Boussandel graduated as a painter from the Dunkirk School of Fine Arts. Through his paintings, he questions places and the ‘non lieux’ of identity. He  aims to reappropriate space and time in a poetic relationship with the drawings and the surface of his canvases. By making tools and anodyne characters appear in an indeterminate setting where time seems to be suspended, Boussandel erases their particularities. He transforms them into pure still lifes and gives them universal character. For this new stage in his plastic research, he explores expanses that are larger than the canvas, freeing himself from the frame and its limits.
Béchir Boussandel, Nouveau Monde, 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 200 x 200 cm. Courtesy of Galerie La La Lande.

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