Ba, Cheikhou
Born 1971 in Dakar, Senegal
Lives and works in Dakar, Senegal
Through a stimulating body of work, including ceramics, painting and mixed media installations, Cheikhou Ba considers ‘what it is to be human’. His Tomorrow series includes mixed-media small sculptures inspired by existentialist literature, fantasy film and children’s fables. The works portray an array of witty, tragicomic human figures that seem to be trapped between instincts and morals, freedom and social pressure. Cheikhou Ba trained at the Dakar Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts before specialising in ceramics at Geneva University of Art and Design. Recent Solo Exhibitions include Migrations, 50 Golborne, London (2017); Migrations, Galerie Sémaphore, Neuchâtel (2017); Chocolat: Hommage à Rafael Padilla, Villa Racine, Dakar (2017), while recent group shows include Pueblo en resistencia, Biennale Del Sur, Caracas (2018) and Inter-section, The Mojo Gallery, Dubai (2018).
Cheikhou Ba, Le Destin Frappe Sans Frapper à la Porte, 2017, Mixed Media, 23 x 34 cm. Courtesy Kristine Hjellegjerde Gallery

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