Ayogu Kingsley
Lives & Works in Lagos, Nigeria
At the crux of Ayogu Kingsley’s work is Black Consciousness and the aim to re-define Blackness as a form of mentality, self-regulation, and authority. His work further confronts the silence and erasure of Black thought and voices throughout history and from institutionalised spaces. Kingsley’s work subverts traditional Euro-Western painting techniques of portraiture by re-working the technique as a mode of self-articulation for Black lives which are rendered invisible in the canon of both art history and archives. Kingsley has gained great traction within the contemporary art sphere for his hyper-realistic portraits in predominantly oil paint. He has become a notable figure within the Nigerian Art Scene and has featured in an array of group exhibitions across Europe and Africa. Kingsley has exhibited along the likes of Zanele Muholi and was a finalist for the ART X Lagos Prize awards in 2023. Ayogu Kingsley will be presented by Eclectica Contemporary. 

Ayogu Kingsley, Virgil, 2022, Oil on Canvas, 196 × 106 cm. Courtesy of Eclectica Contemporary.

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