Atbane, Youness
Born in 1982 in Safi, Morocco. Lives and works in Casablanca, Morocco, and Berlin, Germany
Youness Atbanes’ practice is characterised by a variety of media. His works bear strong political references that directly respond to their surrounding environment, using the artist’s quotidian experiences as a starting point. In his triptych Composed Extremism, Atbane evokes the duality between art and religious fundamentalism. With a subtle minimalistic approach, he tries to seduce the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events in order to find poetic meaning in everyday life. Atbane graduated from Sofia Antipolis University in Nice, France, with a Master in Art and Museology, going on to study graphic art and design in Casablanca, Morocco. He has exhibited at the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; and was also part of the Parallel Project at the Venice Biennale (2011). The artist also recently exhibited at the Headland Center or the Arts in San Francisco.
Youness Atbane, 'Composed Extremism', 2016, Graphite on paper, 47.5 x 54.5 cm, Courtesy of GVCC Gallery

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