Anthony Lane
Born in 1961 in Springs, South Africa. Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.
Anthony Lane is a sculptor and multi award-winning designer, who skilfully marries the technical sophistication of a master draughtsman with an instinctive understanding of three dimensional forms and mass. His sculptural projects deal primarily with contemporary abstract representations of the human form while also investigating the themes of order and chaos. Originally inspired by the idea of falling paper, Lane attempts to capture continuous movement in a similar fashion as to what the Futurists tried to achieve. Through the labour intensive process of hand-rolling individual aluminium plates, and then meticulously constructing his unique fragmented sculptures, the artist transforms a somewhat cold and impersonal medium into energetic, cascading shapes, that are full of life. The illusion of shapes and forms created by the reflections in the curved plates simultaneously project and recede, becoming a metaphor for the human condition. Lane made his entry into the visual arts in 2014 and has since exhibited at the 2015 Cape Town Art Fair in Cape Town and the 2015 FNB Joburg Art Fair in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Anthony Lane, 'Seated Ovals I', 2015, Aluminium and stainless steel, 200 x 100 x 70 cm, Courtesy of Johans Borman Fine Art

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