Angèle Etoundi Essamba
Lives & Works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Angèle Etoundi Essamba is internationally recognised as a pioneering photographer, whose distinctive style of portraiture has influenced subsequent generations of artists, particularly from the African continent. Essamba was educated in France and graduated from the School of Photography of Amsterdam where she currently lives and works. In 2022, Essamba was selected to represent Cameroon in its first national pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Her vintage series of silver gelatin prints, hand-developed in her personal darkroom between 1986 and 2002, have entered the prestigious collections of major museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art. Essamba's portraits challenge stereotypical presentations of Black women to foreground the female narrative, reflecting on the cultural identity of the modern African woman in social, political and always fundamentally human terms. The rare remaining editions are in global demand.
Angèle Etoundi Essamba will be presented by Doyle Wham.
Angèle Etoundi Essamba, Africanesse, 1992, Silver Gelatin Print, 40.7 x 50.5 cm, Edition 2. Courtesy of Doyle Wham.

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