Ange Dakouo
Lives & Works in Bamako, Mali
Ange Dakouo’s works traverse artistic mediums, including painting, video, sculpture, and installation, allowing him to constantly push the boundaries of his practice and experiment with techniques such as collage, rubbing, and weaving.  Dakouo has gained recognition for his remarkable "woven gris-gris” creations, which embody a harmonious universe of interconnectedness, and draw inspiration from traditional African aesthetics. Much of his art centres on his Malian cultural heritage; he is particularly interested in the aesthetic qualities and symbolic roles of Dozo hunters, the custodians of age-old mystical knowledge. Created meticulously, Dakouo’s woven installations emulate Dozo hunter’s amulets which function as tools of protection. Exhibited in Mali, Senegal and beyond, his works have entered the collections of the Fondation H, Madagascar; the Société Ivoirienne de Banque, Côte d’Ivoire; and the Fondation Blachère, France and Senegal and been featured in prestigious showcases such as the Ségou Art Salon and the AKAA Fair. Ange Dakouo will be presented by So Art Gallery. 
Ange Dakouo, Charité 2, Mixed media, cardboard, newspaper and cotton thread, 135 x 130 cm. Courtesy of So Art Gallery.

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