Amina Agueznay
Born 1963 in Casablanca, Morocco 
Lives and works in Casablanca, Morocco
Born and raised in Casablanca, Amina Agueznay left for the U.S. to study and practice architecture. When she returned a decade later, she began a process that has remained constant: understanding, interpreting, and constructing matter and space. She researched the incredibly diverse artisanal resources in Morocco, experimenting with different mediums and collaborating with skilled artisans. As her body of contemporary work evolves, this collaborative element assumes greater significance. Her recent installation Curriculum Vitae is a memory exercise, acting as a record of the intangible, gradual passage of time, and the precious quality of connection to the past.  Agueznay’s recent work explores the natural world, building landscapes and recreating spaces that once existed. Talismans are also familiar elements, granting access or protection, and standing guard over the work. From her collective workshops to museum installations, Aagueznay’s work is rooted in its spatial environment. She has participated in international, individual, and group exhibitions, and conducted extensive research into the craft process in Morocco. In 2022, she was the artistic director of the Kingdom of Bahrain Pavilion at World Expo Dubai.
Amina Agueznay, Installation: A Garden Inside-Untitled, 2020, Mixed media and spun-dyed natural wool, Variable dimensions. Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery.

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